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Rent Your Snorkel Set When You Rent A Car

Our rental car service comes with a twist. Yes, we provide great cars and service with a smile! Not only that we can also provide you with a Snorkel Set at a very low fee for the duration of your rental period for a maximum of 2 weeks per booking.

Even if you have not rented your car with us you can use our snorkel rental service at the same low cost.

  1. Maybe you have already rented a car and need a snorkel set. Look no further. Fill out the form below and we can supply you with a low-cost quality rental set for up to 8 people.
  2. If renting a car from us please use the rental car page to book your snorkel sets. We will send you an email asking what sizes you require. Rental Car Page

You are probably wondering why you should get your snorkel set from us. It’s easy! If you rent the snorkel gear from us it will be in your car when you collect it and allow you to enjoy Okinawa. No need for separate rentals as we have it covered. You don’t need to drive around Okinawa looking for a snorkel rental shop 🙂

What You Get

  1. Snorkel
  2. Mask
  3. Fins X 2
  4. Ground Sheet

The Snorkel set fee is 2,000 JPY for the duration of your rental period up to 2 weeks maximum.

Snorkel Rental Form

If you already have a rental car organized and simply need to hire a snorkel set please use this form below and we will prepare it for you.

*Note: Snorkel rental is for a maximum of two weeks from the booking start date. If you want to extend on this you are required to make another reservation and payment.

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