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About Renting Cars In Okinawa Covered

Okinawa is a fun place and not Japan as you may think it is. Yes, they speak Japanese here and eat sushi but the underbelly of Okinawa people is a different kettle of fish completely so to speak.

But wait, that has nothing to do with rental cars in Okinawa! 

Or Does It?

Rental Cars In Okinawa

Okinawan People Are Easy Going

Yes, Okinawans are easy going and laid back like many people who live on tropical or sub-tropical islands and this reflects so well when you meet them. 

This will also make your rental experience itself quite pleasurable. However, the only problem is that few of them actually speak English, and finding a rental car company that does is rare here.

Why not visit our blog and contribute with a picture or story.

Luckily we have that one covered for you. Our staff speak fluent English and others Japanese. No matter what you require while your renting a vehicle here in Okinawa we have you covered.

Driving In Okinawa