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You Are Our Priority

Rental Cars For Foreigners scaled

We are fully aware that a visit to Japan is a great experience but at the same time, it can also be challenging. Even finding an exit sign can prove difficult if you don’t know Japanese writing.

Using our service may help facilitate removing some of the obstacles you may face when the time comes to rent your car in Okinawa.

Luckily for us there is a large American population here in Okinawa so you will find splatterings of English on many road signs and menus etc. This is very common around the military bases

Why Us?

We saw that there was a need for an English speaking rental car company in Okinawa and especially the Naha and Chatan areas as we travelled here as tourists back in 2020 and struggled to find a rental car company that could talk with us in English.

We then moved to Okinawa in January 2020 and started our little rental car business that you see today.

We have a moderately sized fleet of late model Japanese cars available and we seem to be very popular for last minute rental clients.

We have subsequently provided rental cars to hundreds of foreigners travelling through Okinawa and have a few good reviews from Google alog the way.