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Discounted Low Cost Rental Deals

Okinawa is a smeltering pot of rental car deals and pricing and you never know exactely what you are going to get each time that you venture into a new website. Its so difficult that sometimes the rental car company will cancel your reservation because you are not Japanese.

Okinawa has about 8 months of glorious weather and the rental car companies are super busy for these 8 months. Then you have Obon Week, Golden Week, Summer Holidays and New Years +++ and Okinawa becomes short on rental cars and prices soar.

This page may help you secure your rental car at a decent price during the off seasonal times or when we are quiet. There is no guarantee but at the same time all you need to do is check the calendar for our advertised quiet periods. Then enter your data into the provided form including your hopefull budget and press enter. 

Pressing enter does not confirm your rental car. Its simply sends your request to us to check and then reply to you within 24 hours. Scroll down for your rental car discounts

Steps To Reservation Tender

  1. Check the monthly calendar below for our quiet period rental discount posibilities then move down to the Tender form
  2. Select your prefered dates
  3. Select your car size etc for the duration of the rental
  4. Enter your tender offer or dream rental price
  5. Fill in your personal details
  6. Press enter and wait for our reply be email
  7. We only accept a minimum of 4 nights for this service
  8. There is no guarantee that your offer will be accepted
  9. This service is only available during the dates indicated in the provided calendar
Rental Car Discounts
Rental Car Reservations

Give It A Try

The calendar works on a month by month basis.

december, 2023

Rental Tender Application Form

Submitting this form is a application only and does not constitute a firm booking. Please submit the form in its entirity and wait for our answer.If your rental fee offer is too low it will more than likely be declined immediately. Please note that People Movers usually rent for bewtween 8,500 to 15,000 JPY per day. Compact cars 5,500 to 10,000 JPY per day and Kei Cars  4,500 to 9,500 JPY per day as a guidline.

  • Comprehensive Insurance is mandatory for this service
  • You must select an area for your car collection and drop off
  • We will deliver and pick up anywhere in Okinawa
  • Earliest delivery time is 9am
  • Latest pickup time is 6pm

You Have Completed The Rental Car Discounts Form, Thank You