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How To Find A Rental Car In Okinawa

We know that many people are struggling to find rental cars in Okinawa and it’s not getting any easier.

We started this rental car business only last year 2022 and we have been trying in vain to better our Google page rankings as we actually have cars available to hire most of the time because our Google page ranking is so low and people cant find us. So if we cant help you we suggest that you head to the travel desk at Naha airport and ask there as sometimes they know something.

Let us help you if you want to rent a car anywhere in Okinawa and we will do our best to help so get in touch today.

Where Can I Find A Rental Car

Ok! in all honesty if you have come to Okinawa and landed at Naha airport without booking your rental car in advance you may run into trouble trying to find one.

After Covid19 many rental car companies sold their entire fleets as nobody was coming here anymore and cars sitting around do not make money. They also had to contend with bulk staff cuts along the way which is not good for anyone.

Covid and restrictions started disappearing somewhat in 2022 and Japan finally opened its doors again. However, the large rental car companies could not get enough new cars due to microprocessor shortages. 

This is why you are asking yourself today “where can I find a rental car in Okinawa”

The simple answer is right here with us if you can find us. We can’t guarantee we have cars available at every moment but mostly we have something.

Check our rental booking page right here and get confirmed today.


Need A Rental Car Today

We provide a last minute rental car service accordingly as we often will have a car or two available. However in saying that these available cars are alocated on a first come first served basis so we cant guarantee anything. 

There will normally be a compact car or possibly a small Kei car available as the other larger cars tend to be solidly reserved. But please try us. Please note last minute rentals may incur a small additional fee if requested within 24 hours of booking.

Rental Car Availability

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