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Rental Car Returns

Rental Car Return

This topic will explain all details concerning the drop of or return of your car after your visit to Okinawa

Rental Car Discounts

Booking Process

Booking Process- How to reserve a car at Okinawa Rental Car and the confirmation process.

Rental Car Payments

Rental Cancellations

Cancellations are covered in this topic. Please read what is most important when using our rental car service here in Okinawa.

Car Rental Pick Up

Rental Car Pick Up

This topic covers anything and everything we could imagine including previous history about collecting your car using our service.

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions that may not fit anywhere else in the knowledge base here. Just check it out in case you cant find what you need.

Beaches in Okinawa

Places To Visit In Okinawa

Check here for some must do places to visit while you are visiting Okinawa. We have listed some beaches, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and many more. Please contribute to this during your journey.

Driving in Okinawa e1689399652645

Driving In Okinawa

Here we have some articles about driving around in Okinawa and as well as tips on driving in Japan in general.

What Happens If

What Happens If?

Here we describe some simple answers if you have an accident or breakdown etc. This includes the loss of a key and more.

Rental Car Fees

Rental Car Fees

Read here on how our rental car fees are charged and for accidental loss or damage to items belonging to Okinawa Rental Car