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Okinawa Weather Today

Are You Heading To Okinawa Soon?

Okinawa consists of many Islands called The Ryukyus with the main Island Okinawa being the capital. We have 8 to 9 months of tropical swelterring hot temperatures from April end to November.

During this time watersorts is the highlight of Okinawa followed by sporting acitvities such as golf ad hiking etc. Lets not forget the food here in Okinawa while we are on the subject of fun thigs to do.

Okinawa weather during these months will remain fairly consant at about 27c to 32c for the most part and will be quite humid during the May to August months. 

Okinawa rainy season is May to June but still has many days of clear skys to enjoy at the same time. Enjoy Okinawa

Okinawa Weather

Enjoy Tropical Okinawa Weather

Okinawa Wind & Typhoon Map


Typhoon season in Okinawa is late August to September. Typhoons can range from wind gusts and rain to knock you of your feet wind and water up to your knees.

We do not get bad typhoons every year and some years the typhoons behave more like a bad day in the park rather than anything to worry about to much. Keep an eye on this weather forecast above as your benchmark for whats going on with Okinawa weather currently. 

Okinawa Temperature Map