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Okinawa typhoons guidance

What do I do if a typhoon comes?

While you are in Okinawa you may be unfortunate enough to land here while its typhoon season. It’s not our job or responsibility to explain to you what measures you should take with yourself, family or friends so we suggest seeking information from your hotel or local government office. Mostly use common sense if not certain and seek guidance.

What to do with the rental car?

Obviously, we want you to take care of yourself first and be safe. Okinawa typhoons normally come with plenty of advanced warning which will give you ample time to return to your hotel or seek shelter somewhere. If you know that a typhoon is imminent do not go out unless 100% necessary basically.

  1. Park the car before the typhoon arrives
  2. Park into the wind if possible
  3. Do not park next to obstacles that may fly
  4. Try not to park next to unsafe objects
  5. Make yourself safe first
  6. Do not drive anywhere during a typhoon
  7. Seek shelter if you feel unsafe driving

Typhoon Warnings

Normally there will be many warnings that a typhoon is coming. Your hotel will more than likely warn you and there will be chatter by the locals. The weather will become increasingly worse over a period of hours or days. These are your key marks points to act and ensure that nothing happens to you while you visit Okinawa. Remember that Okinawa only gets about 2 or 3 typhoons per year and some simply pass on by while others may hit like a sledgehammer. Your safety first, please.

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