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Pick up and drop off your rental car at either Naha Domestic Terminal or Naha International Terminal or anywhere in Okinawa!

Okinawa Airport Access for rental cars

Where to collect your rental car at the airport

Like most bustling airports Okinawa Naha has not 1 but 2 terminals. We have a domestic (very Busy) and international (not quite so busy) Naha Airport Pick Up is easy using our service and we will guide you below.

Okinawa Naha airport is popular for domestic Japanese travelers who flock here in their thousands every year and international travelers from Taiwan, South Korea, China, The USA, and others.

While at the airport you can select some fun local Okinawan gifts and also see many US military personal wandering around the place. It’s always full of happy travelers.

You will also see many car rental companies collecting their customers which often looks chaotic and very busy but fun all the same. 

As we are not a large rental car business we have opted for a more personal approach for you to collect your rental car directly from us.

Let’s Find Out How

Domestic Side Above

International Side Above

  • Collect your luggage
  • Head to the 3rd floor of the terminal by escalator or elevator
  • From either International or Domestic areas make your way toward the center
  • Look at the signs above for P3 (parking number 3)
  • Once located head out the sliding doors
  • Walk along the walkway for about 200 meters
  • You have now reached P3
  • Go to the Elevator or Staircase
  • Go to the Roof Top floor
  • Make your way to the North or South area as instructed by our prior messaging system
  • We will be there to greet you if you have provided accurate flight details and collection times.
  • We will direct you to the car
  • An explanation will be provided
  • You are now free to fly in your rental car

Note: We only ever use P3 unless we instruct otherwise

Free Cancellation
Use Credit Card or Cash
Return With A Full Tank

Any Questions Please Contact Us

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