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Are you looking for long term car rental in Okinawa?

We Can Help

Have you wondered why you can’t find any long-term rental car deals in Okinawa?

The main reason for the lack of availability of long-term rentals has come about by 1 simple cause. Japanese mainlanders visiting Okinawa will only rent cars for two to four nights max. And they book way in advance.

This means that most rental car company calendars won’t accept your long term rental as there will be some dates taken by the domestic market travelers during your prime desired time.

The other reason is that some of the rental car websites are simply not functioning correctly.

Car Rental Deals

Okinawa Long Term Car Rentals

Our prime customer base is derived from foreign travelers visiting Okinawa and they tend not to book too far ahead.

Also, these people tend to book for 5 days or more which means we don’t get a calendar that’s all jumbled up with an erratic booking schedule.

If you need long term car rental in Okinawa we can more then likely help you out if you book early.

This is a very popular service for US Military and US Contractors plus Marine University folk needing long term rentals so get in quick by clicking that link above.

Okinawa Rental Cars Support Desk