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If You Require A Last Minute Rental? Read On. 

Last minute rentals are considered from the point of request within 24hours of pickup date and time

I cant find a rental car
Do you need a Rental Car Today or within 24hrs?

Okinawa is a popular place and getting a rental car at the very last moment is often frustrating and difficult all thrown into the same pot.

Its also consumes your precious vacation time.

For the purpose of this page we refer to last minute reservations as LMR

I found myself in the very same situation in London many years ago as my rental company had mysteriously vanished and I needed a car real Fast. I was screwed.
Okinawa Rental Cars
CEO Okinawa Rental Car

We Can Conditionally Assist You With This

Last minute rentals LMR, as we have found out are not only difficult for you they can be and often are very difficult for us also for a number of reasons.

  • Most people want the cars early and this is when our cars often return
  • This leaves little time for cleaning
  • We must also source additional manpower to get the car to you
  • Our cars are not located in Naha even though we have an office there
  • Our booking system is not programmed for LMR so it may appear that we have no cars available when in fact we do
  • We have to wake up early 🙂
  • We reserve the right to cancel any last minute rental without notice prior to the pickup time. This is non negotiable
  • Its our goal to assist everyone when possible so read on.
Last Minute Fees
Please note our additional fees for last minute rentals. Last minute rentals are considered to be within 24 hours of booking.

Please note that there is a service fee of 5,000 JPY for any L.M.R + the following delivery fees after closing hours.

  • Pickups from Airport & Naha 25,000 JPY
  • Pickups Urasoe, Ginowan 20,000 JPY
  • Pickups Chatan, Uruma, Kadena 15,000 JPY
  • Pickups Kin, Ginoza, Onna 10,000 JPY
  • Pickups Nago, 5,000 JPY
24 hour last minute reservation

These Terms and Fees are non negotiable and we reserve the right of first refusal

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