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Frequently Asked Questions

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We will require your drivers license copy and payment if you have not already paid.

It does not snow in Okinawa and our cars are equiped with normal usage tires

For a small daily fee you can rent a child seat for the duration of your rental. We offer child seats from 1 year to 10 years and booster seats for 5 years and upwards.

We DO NOT supply craddles or seats for children under 1 year of age. This is your resposabilaty to bring with you.

Please contact us and we will send you a copy

Yes you can freely cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before your arrival date.

Our snorkel set rental is only 2,000JPY per set and this price is for the duration of your rental period at up to 2 weeks per rental

The snorkel rental duration is up to a maximum of two weeks from your booking date.

If you have selected the Naha area as your destination we charge a fee of 25,000 JPY outside of our operating hours as we have a life outside of the rental car business. 

If you want us there that badly we charge a premium for this service. Its quite simple.

Cancellations & Refunds will only be provided prior to 72 hours of collection date. 

Refunds will not be provided within these 72 hours.

We are very busy on most days and if you have many questions we will more than likely skip your questionare. Many answers can be found here or in our terms and conditions.

Yes you can pay by credit car via PayPal prior to arrival. We do not accept credit card any other way currently. Our PayPal address is below or continue with your booking and the PayPal link will be there.


Japusedcar is our parent company which primarily exports cars globally.

This service is currently not available and our cars must stay in Okinawa

We accept paypal, bank transfer and cash on delivery 

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Additional fees while in Okinawa depend on what activities you are involved with. But yes you will have to pay Expressway fees if you use the Expressway

Okinawa is very busy currently and changing your reservation dates maybe difficult if your car has been booked again after your reservation inquiry

We are not based in Naha and getting there is expensive and time consuming. 

The most economical way is for you to bus to Nago where we can support you at zero cost.

Our office is 70Km from Naha and our rental prices are cheap. The fee covers us getting there by two cars and back including gas, highway fees and manpower. 

We are based in the northern area of Okinawa called Sesoko Island and have an office here and in Onna

You will recieve a reservation confirmation notice. At the bottom of this notice is a confirmation link. You must click on this link and confirm your reservation. Failure to do so may result in your reservation canellation.

Covid 19 is still about as of this time of writing and we suggest you take adequate precautions prior to arriving in Japan.

All our cars are cleaned prior to each rental.

However we take no responsability for your safety or the safety of others when you hire one of our cars and one of your party mysteriously is shown to be Covid19 positive. 

If you are worried about Covid19 you are advised to take your own precautions and not rely on our cleaning service to any extent and please do not rent our cars.

We do not offer single day rentals. Our minimum rental period is 3 nights +

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