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English Rental Car Service required? Are you looking for an English-speaking rental car service in Okinawa?

We Know It Is Not Easy
We are recieving and calls on a daily basis from visitors to Okinawa looking for a Rental Car company that speaks English.
Well we have you covered if your coming to Okinawa. 

English Rental Car Service

We Checked The Competition

The most frequent visitor to the shores of Okinawa are mainland Japanese who possibly make up about 50% of travelers to Okinawas sunny shores. These visitors are closely follwed up by visitors from Taiwan at 30% then Singapore, Hong Kong, China and South Korea all picking up the balance.

There is also a large US military presence here and many US families come to visit loved ones etc. So overall there is a large amount of people coming and going from Okinawa on a yearly basis.

When you go online and attempt to book a rental car here most of the mainstream Japanese companies may already be booked out as the mainlanders will hit their services first. Japanese travlers love the security of speaking their own language and dealing with larger companies even if this means paying premium fees.

As you start searching you will find that Google will automatically translate many of these Rental Car websites from Japanese to your language by default but often as you get into the reserving your car stage its simply not enough and often we give up.

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