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How to reserve your car and the next steps

Step One

Start the rental form by selecting the following.

  1. Date, from-to
  2. Exact time, from-to
  3. Pickup and return location
  4. Click the green Search Button

Step Two

Select a car that’s suitable for your needs

  1. Select car
  2. Click “Choose”
  3. Move down the page and select the green Continue Button
  4. Next page comes

Step Three

Reservation Details, please check.

  1. Period (time from-to) & duration
  2. Pick Up. Please check you have the correct location details
  3. Return. Please confirm that your return details are correct
  4. Check your car model and fee for the days of rental duration
  5. Select any rental options you may require such as child seats or snorkel hire
  6. Please consider comprehensive insurance as Japanese insurance is quite limited
  7. Click the green Continue Button

Step Four

Rental Details and completion

  1. Now is the time to check that all information is 100% correct
  2. Enter your personal details as requested in the form
  3. Choose your payment method
  4. Click the green Confirm Button
  1. Are your details correct
  2. Is your email and phone number correct
  3. Have you put in the correct dates and times for pick up and return
  4. Check again prior to hitting that confirm button
  5. Once you confirm you will receive an email from us with your full reservation details
  6. In this email, you will be asked to confirm this email at the very bottom. Please click on the link and confirm.

Note* We try to contact all customers prior to their arrival either by email or whatsapp. If you have provided incorrect data and do not reply to our correspondence in due time your reservation will be canceled 48 hours prior to your arrival.

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