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Learn More About Okinawa

Okinawa is hot and we mean that in every way you want to interpret the phrase.

With abundant crystal clear ocean views all year swimming, snorkeling, and diving plus adventures and great food. Okinawa will surprise you with delights. Keep reading and see why you should visit.


From Naha to Motobu snorkeling is an all time favorite for travellers to Okinawa. 

The marine life is abununt and for the larger part waters are shallow for novice snorkelers. You will see Nemo and sea snakes (yes sea snakes) plus many other docile tropical fish including the very colourful Trigger fish and more.

Go to Gorilla Chop in Motobu with its lovely golden sand and have a safe snorkel around there with others or be more adventurous and have a dive lesson while you are there.

Do you have some Okinawa snorkeling adventures to share? Please add them to our blog here and share with others. 

City Life

Your perception of Okinawa may be something out of kilter with what it’s really like but who knows as that’s an assumption. Okinawa is as diverse in life as it is in marine life as mentioned.

You have one large city named Naha that stretches without borders into other cities such as Chatan, Uruma, and more. Here you will find a blend of cultures with a large American population mixing with Japanese and Okinawan locals.

The restaurants in these towns and cities are diverse with cuisine from all corners. There is no chance of leaving hungry. Let’s not forget that this place is an Island so seafood is especially fresh and plentiful.

Please share your city experiences with us here.

Hiking & Adventure

The Island of Okinawa is exceptionally hilly and has some very rugged terrain. Maybe this is part of the attraction for the US Military that has a stronghold on much of the islands jungle areas for their training exercises. 

The top of the island has a huge national park area with some rivers and cool hiking trails to be seen and navigated. You will see all sorts of wildlife while out there and be cautious as you may just stumble accross a snake or two.

If you dont want to go hiking maybe hire a bike in Chatan or Motobu and get out for a ride around the area or get out and do some deep sea fishing. The adventures are endless. Parasailing is also very popular here.

Have we missed anything? More than likely yes. Please share your adventures here with us. 

Getting About In Okinawa

The best way to get around Okinawa is by car first and foremost. And since you are a visitor the best car to obtain is a rental car.

Okinawa is about 100klm long roughly and has one main route 58 that circles the coastline. It’s a nice drive with some great scenery that will take you to some wonderful beach coastlines, forests, and cities. The lower half of Okinawas island is mostly made up of cities ad towns and is another large concrete jungle to some extent however getting bout there is somewhat challenging.

unlike most cities in Japan that have a sprawling railway system with tick-tock preciseness, Okinawa does not follow suit as the population does not warrant such costs.

The main city haha has a monorail system that touches all the best locations in Naha city and stops every ten minutes. The moment you dont use this you will need to use the bus service or a taxi. The bus service is ok but not clockwork and taxis are taxis but at least they use a meter here.

There is no Uber in Japan so dont think for one second that you can get on an app and order yourself an Uber to drive you around as its a no go.

Between Motobu and Naha there is a daily high speed ferry service and ferries to other outskirting islands that run on a daily basis. But by far the easiest way is by retal car. That not a plug but simple reality. Without one you will be stranded 100% if your wanting to move about.